Volvo Car Group

C30 Experience


It was clear, Volvo was not on the younger target groups radar. The Volvo C30 was for Volvo a revolutionary new offer made for a younger and lifestyle driven target group, not well known to the company. It was therefore essential to get all the 6500 persons from the sales force world wide to understand the product as well as the target group in order to meet new demands from clients.


In most car-related events the car is revealed at some point. We wanted to make the experiences of the Volvo C30 so potent and real without showing the car, creating a desire and an enhanced experience. This way the audience could feel what the car represented and get a deeper knowledge of the target group by imagining the features and the design of the car.


We designed a concept room made of 35 pieces of 40 foot containers where we placed a sushi belt in the middle serving food and items related to the expression of the car and the target group. On each side of the room large screens showed mood films and images supporting the experience.

18-kopiaC30_Experience_Large_3 C30_Experience_Large_4 C30_Experience_Large_5 C30_Experience_Large_7 C30_Experience_Large_8