IKEA goes fashion! During 2016 IKEA will be releasing three collections that they’ve created in collaboration with Martin Bergström, Katie Eary and Walter van Beirendonck. Three established fashion designers who’ve been challenging themselves to create fashion for interior rather than clothes.
How could we talk about these collections and build up hype prior the launch? That was the challenge.


We understood that the most likely consumer of the products would be fashion and design interested people. So in order to reach them we had to create something within their world. Yet, it would have to be in an IKEA-way, which means inclusive and accessible – for everyone.


We decides to close Milan Fashion week by creating IKEA’s very own fashion show featuring the different collections. Inviting everyone to take part of the event, we livestreamed the show through Youtube and on a giant screen in downtown Milan. The result? The story was featured in Italian Vogue and Huffington Post (to mention a few), and reached over 913 000 single users on Twitter in 12 hours.


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