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”IKEA is on a mission to inspire children and adults to play more” – Dr Barbie Clarke, Managing Director of the Play Report.

IKEA has always believed that play is important. The challenge for StudioNoc was to create an event with two objectives. Firstly, could IKEA together with the consumers explore the question, ”What if we played more together in the kitchen?”. Secondly, the objective was to launch the new product line LATTJO, designed to encourage kids and grown-up kids to play more together.


To succeed with showing the consumers that IKEA says Yes(!) to play, we must invite the participants to a world where playing is something good and important. Something that we should do more in life.


In the spirit of PLAY, the day started with a press lunch for international and local media, which was planned, prepared and served by children in a playful and unexpected way. The lunch was followed by a presentation by Dr Barbie Clarke on the PLAY report – the world’s largest research study on the subject.
As the day progressed, the venue was built up as a playground with activities developed with the aim to inspire the public to let loose their inner child. This together with TED style talks from invited speakers from different industries, IKEA could give their key target groups an engaging day and evening filled with new learnings and insights.

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