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Doll House


The brief was to create a unique brand experience for 300 carefully selected international journalists, an experience that truly engaged all senses.

The challenge was to communicate 6 totally different interior concepts in an integrated, holistic and above all: in a playful way.


What if we could enable our guests to realize a childhood dream – to enter a fantasy world for a day. Where would we take them and what would it look like?


We created a dollhouse in a traditional cinema theater in central Stockholm. Not in miniature but in full scale. The house was designed with open front to allow guests to get an overview of the whole collection. During the event, guests were invited in to the house to experience the 6 different collections, represented in each room.

H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_2 H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_3 H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_4 H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_5 H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_6 H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_7 H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_8 H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_9 H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_10H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_11 H&M_Dollhouse_Astoria_Large_12