NEST Hong Kong


Ericsson is a world leader in infrastructure and services in the telecom area. The challenge was to create an initiative that position Ericsson as a thought leader and that accentuated their role in how communications technology affects the way we live.


Establish a dynamic, innovative and global discussion forum where Ericsson have the opportunity to act as an enabler of bringing people together with the focus of finding solution to the global challenges.


We launched the first global forum called NEST, The Networked Society Forum, in Hong Kong 2011. We created an identity around the shape of a hexagon with the connotation of cells both in nature and in technology. The hexagon shape formed the actual meeting venue that we built on a pier in central Hong Kong.

ERICSSON_NEST_HongKong_Large_2 ERICSSON_NEST_HongKong_Large_3 ERICSSON_NEST_HongKong_Large_4 ERICSSON_NEST_HongKong_Large_5 ERICSSON_NEST_HongKong_Large_6 ERICSSON_NEST_HongKong_Large_7 ERICSSON_NEST_HongKong_Large_8 ERICSSON_NEST_HongKong_Large_9 ERICSSON_NEST_HongKong_Large_10