Grand Cuisine

Electrolux was to establish a totally new super premium segment within the home appliance market by launching their new product line, Grand Cuisine. In contrast to other home appliance brands, the products of Grand Cuisine had an impressive inside with exactly the same technology that was used in the kitchen of the world’s best restaurants. With Grand Cuisine, Electrolux wanted high-tech premium products to be available for the demanding private consumer.

The challenge was to get the products inside the minds’ of opinion leaders and stakeholders within the segment. By showing them the product truths of Grand Cuisine they would be able to pass on the information to the affluent end consumer.

In order to reach out to important gatekeepers, Grand Cuisine had to be featured in a context where the influencers normally existed in. The choice fell on one of the world’s largest exhibitions of furniture and fittings in Milan.

To be able to capture the hearts and minds of the guests, it was of high importance to create a super premium brand experience where the products could come to life in an intimate and impressive way.

Electrolux’s new line was showcased at the international kitchen furniture fair EuroCucina, during
Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, April 2012.

Inside a 15 x 6 metres room,  completely covered in black, we created an immersive brand experience for specially invited guests. 10 people at a time got the chance to see a presentation of the product line through an interplay between a host, films and spotlighted products. With inspiration from Grand Cuisine’s gas stove signature design, we created a wall system with incorporated led lights that highlighted the products at different times throughout the presentation. The films were shown on a 3.6 mm thick led screen, which covered the front wall from floor to ceiling and side to side.

The presentation lasted for 15 minutes and was repeated continuously throughout the week.

Electrolux_Grand_Cuisine_Large_2 Electrolux_Grand_Cuisine_Large_3 Electrolux_Grand_Cuisine_Large_4

Electrolux_Grand_Cuisine_Large_5Electrolux_Grand_Cuisine_Large_6 Electrolux_Grand_Cuisine_Large_7