Atelier Brand Home


Absolut Vodka is a world renowned brand, present in bars, restaurants and tax free stores all over the world. A tough challenge is to convey the lifestyle message in a firm and believable way with all other brands present.

The quest was to find a space where Absolut Vodka could control all variables of a brand message.


The best possible way to present a brand is in a close, authentic and personal way since target groups are very selective and you don’t want to impose.

The conceptual foundation became to invite guests home to Absolut Vodka. To clearly convey the brand values each part were designated a certain room where guests are invited to browse freely.


An old bank, in a 800m2 three-storey building, was turned into a brand home where Absolut Vodka can showcase its brand through fashion, interior design and art. All brand messages are integrated into the design and no logos but the bottle actually states its sender. The guests experiences the brand through interaction with handpicked items creating a total brand experience for all senses.

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