Absolut Vodka

Three Tracks


Over the years, Absolut has established itself as a creative brand through its many art and fashion collaborations. Now they wanted to move in to music. The challenge was to create a global music initiative that was both relevant and trustworthy towards a lifestyle driven target group.


  1. Underground – Get traction within the DJ community
  2. Overground – Spread the initiative to a wider audience.
  3. Mass communication – Collaboration with a mega star.


  1. Have three producers interpret the Absolut brand. Their work was presented to 400 VIPs at the world launch. We created an unexpected way of how to experience live music by the use of headphones.
  2. Parts of the brand experience became content in ABL communication. Local producers made additional tracks for the different markets.
  3. A global event in New York with Lenny Kravitz interpreting the Absolut brand where 10 artist produced remixes of the original track.



ABSOLUT_Three_Tracks_Large_4 ABSOLUT_Three_Tracks_Large_5 ABSOLUT_Three_Tracks_Large_6